In order to produce good wine, we believe that you have to live wine-making. For us, this means being directly involved in each production step: from pruning in the freezing cold, leaf work in the summer heat, to the handling in the wine cellar. Only if you take all the necessary steps yourself, you can leave a clear and unique handwriting in your wines. That’s what we are looking for in the wine of a small winery: Individuality!

To archive this goal, we are working with passion, intensity and the greatest care in our vineyards. To harvest the perfect grapes in October, we treat them as gently as possible in the cellar during the vinification process. As the famous saying goes: “Quality is produced in the vineyards, in the cellar you can only try to preserve it.”

The first and most important factors are the site and soil of the vineyard. We are working against the trend and trying to keep and even re-cultivate the typical Mosel steep slopes. Every year we are adding at least one or two new parcels.

Why all this effort? Because you should taste where the wine comes from! It is a Mosel-Riesling. Nearly nowhere can you find a microclimate that is as unique as ours here at the Mosel River region. The interaction between steep slopes, slate and Riesling cannot be found or copied anywhere else in the world. We made it our mission to preserve this unique area.